Encrypt an External Disk or a USB Drive

I read from the following quoted article “Encrypt an External Disk or USB Stick with a Password” dated June 23, 2014, and find that the exFAT file format doesn’t have the file encryption capability in Windows or Mac OS X.  I intend to save my data files to an external USB flash drive in exFAT file format for two main purposes: 1) To free up my MacBook Pro's internal SSD storage space, and 2) To make files on the USB drive accessible (read/write) from both Mac and Windows computers.


OS X can encrypt volumes located on external hard drives and USB sticks in just a few clicks, making it impossible to view the contents of a volume on any Mac unless the correct password is provided.

Supported Filesystems

OS X can only encrypt volumes that are Mac-formatted with the filesystem Mac OS Extended, otherwise known as HFS+. If you have a disk formatted in a more Windows-friendly format, such as ExFAT, then disk encryption won’t be possible. 

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